Centennial Engineering Center Webcam

The 140,000 square foot, $42 Million Centennial Engineering Center is the new home of the Civil Engineering department. It opened for the Fall 2008 semester classes on Aug. 25, 2008. The funding for this project was secured through a combination of revenue bonds and legislative appropriations. Construction of the building commenced in Spring 2006.

The Center features new classrooms with modern learning technology, state-of-the-art teaching labs, and new research facilities. Designed by Van H. Gilbert, Architect PC, highlights of the building include:

A space that integrates all engineering disciplines
Designed to create a sense of community
Improved space to house student programs
State-of-the-art teaching and research labs
Technology-enhanced classrooms
Graduate student, faculty, and administrative offices
Courtyards to facilitate interaction and education beyond the classroom
The building is essential to every engineering program at UNM by providing:

New classrooms with modern learning technology to replace crowded, outmoded facilities
State-of-the-art teaching labs for educating students in key areas of technology
New research facilities for biomedical engineering and other areas for education and economic development
New facilities to support increased diversity and to promote student success
UNM engineering programs provide a technical workforce for existing and future New Mexico companies in such areas as civil and construction engineering, information technology and digital media, nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing, and aviation and aerospace. They facilitate collaboration on critical medial research with the UNM Health Sciences Center, enable new and stronger collaborations to support local companies, and allow more competitiveness in pursuing research grants to find solutions to key issues facing our state.


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