Langeland Skisente

Langeland is a Danish island located between the Great Belt and Bay of Kiel. The island measures 285 km2 (c. 110 square miles), and has a population of roughly 15,000. The island produces grain and is known as a recreational area. A bridge connects it to T?singe via Si? – a small island with a population of approx. 20 – and the main island of Funen (to the northwest). Also there are connections by car ferry to the islands of Lolland, ?r? and Stryn?. The famous physicist and chemist Hans Christian ?rsted was born in Rudk?bing – the largest city on Langeland. Administratively, the island is also a municipality (Langeland municipality). Additionally, Langeland is also a small town in southern Norway (map: click here). Several families from that town changed their surname in the 1800s to “Langeland.”


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