University of Miami, School of Medicine

View of CRB Construction Project from Dominion Tower facing south west. View of the Quadrangle from the Dominion Tower, School of Medicine, University of Miami, Florida University of Miami University of Miami was founded in 1925, a private institution of higher learning, but also the U.S. Southeast to provide the most extensive research and teaching universities. University of Miami University of Miami currently has a total of more than 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, including nearly 1,500 from around the world more than 110 countries of the international students. The school has about 2,000 full-time teaching staff, students and faculty ratio is about 13:1, in the U.S. among the best. University of Miami University of Miami, a total of 12 colleges and a Continuing Education and International Education, offer 150 undergraduate and 130 postgraduate and 60 undergraduate programs. University of Miami University of Miami in South Florida, a total of four campuses, namely: the city of Miami School of Medicine is located in the urban areas, Marine and Environmental Sciences at Virginia Key, John J. Koubek Center, located at Little Havana, James L. Knight Center in Miami urban area, There is also a south campus, and Richmond campuses.


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